KredX Process 101: Payment Advice & Settlements

As the country’s leading cash flow solutions provider, KredX follows certain stringent processes to ensure high quality customer experience and customer satisfaction rate. In keeping with this, we recently reworked our payment advice process to help us better serve our clients. Here, we will detail the process, the need for this and the settlement process for the same.

The KredX Payment Advice Process

As a mandate, KredX requires payment advices for any payment that comes into our escrow account from an Enterprise within five days from the date of credit.

Once the payment advice is received within the stipulated time, KredX will adjust the amount to take into account the discounted invoice amount and pass through the remaining to the vendor or seller of the invoice. In case we receive an invoice payment for which discounting was not done, then 100% of the funds received will be passed through provided there is no overdue in any current live deal.

If we do not receive a payment advice within five days, KredX will adjust the amount on a FIFO basis (first in, first out) against the entire outstanding.

Why Do We Follow This As A Mandate?

At KredX, we are committed to ensuring that our customers, both businesses and investors, have the best possible experience on our platform. The introduction of the Payment Advice process as a mandate was one such effort towards smooth, efficient operations.

Not only does this help ensure that the vendor receives the invoice payment on the due date but also reduces hassles for the corporates since the payment advice serves as proof of payment and requires no follow ups.

What Is The Settlement Process?

We follow a T+1 timeline for settlement transactions. Any payment advice that KredX receives before 2:00 PM on a particular will be settled and passed through on the same working day, whereas ones received after 2:00 PM will be settled the following working day.

As always, in case of any queries regarding this process or any other, patrons can reach out to us at