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The Best Business Intelligence And Data Analytics Tools For Your Organisation

The importance of data in today’s corporate world is crucial with high-level business decisions increasingly becoming data-based. Data analytics not only helps with the decision making process but it also plays an important role in developing strategies and methods that ensure the existence and success of businesses. In fact, this is more vital for large corporates that have an abundance of data which can provide real business value by bringing operational efficiency, business optimisation, cost efficiency, improved time management and analysing data to discover valuable business insights.

The market is flooded with multiple analytical tools that claim to be the best and selecting the ones that best fits your organisation’s needs can be daunting. To help clear the clutter, we have compiled a list of the top data analytics tools currently available for organisations in no particular order.

This analytics tool from IBM is an online-based business intelligence platform that offers a complete range of Business Intelligence (BI) software to address an organisation’s goals. It is a secure business intelligence software-as-a-service (SaaS) solution that can be used to create reports, dashboards, and visualise information while providing IT with a scalable solution that is available on premises or on the cloud.

The Cognos Analytics softwares provides quarterly updates and provide on-premise and on the cloud deployment support. The tool also has a mobile integration through which users can create and share reports from a tablet.


  • Self-service reporting and dashboard features to create informative, engaging visualisations
  • Straightforward data analytics to help business users gain better insights of the data
  • Widespread access to curated data to reduce risk in decision-making at every step
  • Enterprise-grade governance features allows IT to maintain control while allowing business users to work with data on their own terms.


Starts at Rs.1,28,046.50 per month. Click here for more info on pricing.

  1. Sisense

Sisense is an end-to-end business analytics software covering the full scope of analysis from data integration to visualisation that enables users to easily prepare and analyse complex data in any size and from any data source. The software can be deployed on-premises or hosted in the cloud as a SaaS application. Sisense is easy tool that can even be used by people who have no prior experience in data crunching at all.


  • Innovative core In-Chip technology with IoT, machine learning, and AI integrated into the BI platform
  • Users can connect data from any source into a single integrated dashboard to gain instant insights
  • Explore insights across devices through automatic alerts, mobile alerts and bot technology
  • On-premise or cloud deployment without the need for expensive IT investment
  • Secure governance of users and data at multiple levels from system level to specific dashboards and data


You can build a custom-made package suited to your organisation’s needs here.

  1. Chartio

Built on SQL, Chartio offers cloud-based data exploration, interactive charts and powerful real-time dashboards for businesses. For a CFO or somebody at the executive level of a business, this tool offers dashboards tracking important parameters like ARR, KPIs, sales, demand generation, sales leaderboard and much more.


  • Connect data sources from Amazon Redshift to CSV files, to explore data instantly
  • Deployment of Chartio’s cloud-based application requires no hardware
  • Shareable dashboards via emails or reports
  • Easy viewing of historical data and tracking of corporate metrics with Snapshots feature
  • Does not require a data warehouse; data can be retrieved from anywhere within minutes
  • Does not require building of a data model in advance; allows for more flexibility and ease of manipulation
  • Easy management of permissions and access to data sources and dashboards


Smaller teams of up to 6 members can opt for a subscription plan price starting at $249/month/team.

Enterprises and other businesses can get in touch with the Chartio team here for price quotes.

  1. Domo

This Business Intelligence (BI) tool combines a powerful backend with existing systems such as those for customer relationship management, ERP, HR or finance, as well as any data repository or current reporting system. It is best suited for companies ranging from small businesses to large enterprises, and is compatible with Windows or Mac platforms, iPad tablets, and also works on mobile devices.


  • Get insights into data from anywhere, anytime
  • Select from over 1,000 apps on the platform to quickly leverage the workflows your team needs to succeed or build custom apps with powerful design tools and use APIs to connect to proprietary data sources and systems in real-time
  • Active deployments on private clouds, and also on both Amazon and Azure public clouds
  • For customers with large data volume and existing investments in data warehouses, Domo can act as the single centralised unit for queries between the cloud and the on-premise data stores without duplicating data.
  • As a SaaS solution, the software automatically scales resources up and down to meet your needs.
  • The Domo Business Cloud has powerful acquisition solutions that can retrieve any data, no matter where it’s stored
  • Domo’s 450+ native Connectors bring data in directly from 3rd party sources—no coding required.
  • Buzz, Domo’s fully integrated collaboration platform, allows users to have data-centric discussions in group chats, private chats, and topic based channels.
  • All data is controlled and safe from compromise.


Domo has three subscription packages:

Standard – $83USD user/month for up to 20 users

Professional – $160USD user/month for unlimited users

Enterprise – $190USD user/month for unlimited users

For more info, you can view the pricing structure here.

  1. Tableau

Tableau has multiple data analytics tool options depending on the nature of usage. You can opt to choose from their desktop version called Tableau Desktop for individual analysts, their cloud solution called the Tableau Online for organisations or the Tableau Server for enterprises which is what we will be discussed here. Tableau Server is a business intelligence application that provides browser-based analytics that can either be installed on-premises or hosted on the cloud as a SaaS application. Users can also view and analyse data on their Android and iOS smartphones with the Tableau Mobile app.


  • Can be deployed on-premise or in the cloud by integrating with existing data infrastructure
  • The analytics can be viewed and explored from any browser or mobile device
  • Governed access to data and analytics with central management of all metadata and security rules
  • Connect to any data source securely – whether on-premise or in the cloud. Publish and share your data sources for everyone to use.
  • Integrates seamlessly with existing security protocols


The Tableau Server tool is priced at $35 user/month. You can find more info here.

  1. SAP Analytics Cloud

SAP Analytics Cloud (formerly SAP BusinessObjects Cloud) is a BI and data visualisation solution designed for businesses of all sizes. It offers business planning, predictive analytics, digital boardroom and reporting functionalities within a a single SaaS solution. The solution is powered by SAP HANA in-memory technology and offers quick-to-deploy modular functionality, scalability, and affordable subscription-based pricing for companies of any size. The SAP Analytics Cloud can be deployed in the cloud and also has a mobile app for iPhones and iPads.


  • Real-time access to data from web browsers with built-in reporting capabilities and dashboards, option to filter and drill into Big Data, and ease of creating data visualizations and stories
  • Predictive analytics use in-memory computing and guided machine learning to help business users uncover predictive insights in real time
  • Financial planning models can be created anywhere, at any level of detail with any number of users, and align plans across departments with integration capabilities
  • Real-time view of company situations, ad hoc reporting, what-if analysis and metrics for use during executive board meetings


SAP Analytics Cloud is available through an annual subscription fee. You could opt for a trial version for 30 days after which you can choose between the Business plan at $21 per month/per user which has a cap of 20 users or the Enterprise plan for unlimited users for which you be required to fill out this contact form here. You can find all details regarding the plans SAP Analytics Cloud offers on their Plans and Pricing page.

  1. SAS Analytics Pro

SAS Analytics Pro is a software suite that offers both data mining and data visualisation capabilities with data access, transformation and reporting. It processes intuitive 4GL (a fourth-generation programming language) and also supports SQL. This software suite allows to to access, manipulate, analyse and present information using statistical analysis, reporting and impactful visuals. The system is frequently updated to account for the evolving methodologies in analytics. With the SAS Analytics Pro, users can read data in most common formats and files.


  • Powerful programming language with a highly flexible, intuitive 4GL and SQL support
  • Advanced statistical analysis that are frequently updated
  • Data visualization, presentation and delivery using a variety of maps,graphs and charts
  • Prebuilt library of ready-to-use programs offering significant functionality that can be executed in a few commands
  • Data access, transformation and reporting reducing costs and ensuring consistency
  • Can be easily integrated into any computing environment with cross-platform support
  • Geolocation analysis with built-in mapping capabilities
  • Powerful toolset to assist in scalability and performance


You can request for a price quote here.

  1. Splunk Enterprise

Splunk Enterprise is a flexible platform that can be scaled from specific use cases to enterprise-wide analytics backbone for searching, tracking, and analysing Big Data generated by machines. The software, designed to serve users with limited technical expertise, can import data from a variety of sources such as regular logs to data collected by Big Data applications such as Hadoop and others. The platform deployment options include both on-premise and SaaS.


  • Intuitive analysis features, machine learning, packaged applications and open APIs
  • Collects and indexes log and machine data from any source and in any format
  • Correlate events and activities for better analysis
  • Custom dashboards for better visualisation for business, operational or security needs
  • Set searches to trigger real-time alerts and notifications via email or RSS to then execute remedial actions
  • Accessible from any standard browser
  • Splunk Mobile Access users helps users view, interact with and share data intelligence using iOS or Android devices.


Subscription pricing is based on the amount of data indexed per day. The Annual License is priced at $2,700/GB, whereas, the Perpetual License is available at $8,100/GB. You can find more info here.

  1. QlikView

QlikView is a BI data discovery tool for businesses for creating guided analytics applications and customised dashboards. The product has a patented in-memory technology that decreases the need for IT investments as the software has a built-in inference engine to create associations in data automatically. It is supported on Windows 7, Mac OS, Web browser (OS agnostic), Windows 2000, Windows 8, Windows 10 operating systems.


  • Custom apps can be developed with QlikView scripting and QlikView Workbench
  • QlikView can be easily integrated into business applications and system management softwares with extensive APIs
  • Option to use natural search to navigate complex information to accelerate discovery
  • Unification of data sources for a complete view of information, central management of data and apps for easy identification of insights
  • Feature to create and distribute timely reports and templates that can be embedded in Microsoft Office documents
  • Secure, enterprise-level governance of data and analytics


QlikView for Businesses is priced at $25 / user / month. You can also get in touch with the team by filling out their contact form to get additional information regarding their pricing.

This list is by no means exhaustive, but we have picked out the more popular tools that your organisation can use. By implementing one of these powerful analytics tools in your company, you can take the performance and efficiency of your business several notches higher.

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